A DAY IN BUSOLA’S LIFE (My perspective)

I and my good friend, Busola (I call her Bussy) spent a day together and we wrote about it. The original post is called "A DAY IN MY LIFE Ft. My buddy June" and it can be found on her blog, beutiiful.com. Here's my own perspective of the whole experience; A day in my life … Continue reading A DAY IN BUSOLA’S LIFE (My perspective)


Narrative: Passion is an idiot.

A few weeks back I sat in front of the Tv screen to watch the morning news on CNN. After every story had been read and reporters from places all over the world where the stories had come from had completed their tasks of analysing and giving more insights on their respective stories, we were … Continue reading Narrative: Passion is an idiot.

Music Watch: Psychodrama, an album by Dave.

It’s the year of the Psychodrama. Sometimes, the reality of a person could swindle around relationship wars, identity crisis, gender conflicts, racial tensions, environmental insecurity, mental illusions to mention a few. All of these incongruously drifting and interchanging happenings in the life of the average human are brought together into stories hidden in rap verses … Continue reading Music Watch: Psychodrama, an album by Dave.