A DAY IN BUSOLA’S LIFE (My perspective)

I and my good friend, Busola (I call her Bussy) spent a day together and we wrote about it. The original post is called “A DAY IN MY LIFE Ft. My buddy June” and it can be found on her blog, beutiiful.com. Here’s my own perspective of the whole experience;

A day in my life ft my buddy June (June’s perspective)

12:40pm – 7:00pm:

It’s been a pretty long day for me and to think that it’s just 12:40pm.

I had just finished writing the review for a project and was barely striking the third chord on my guitar strings when a call came in from my friend Bussy. She said she needs me to accompany Her to a bookstore at Yaba and I agreed. I further suggested that we went to Dominos for brunch first before making our way to Yaba and she agreed too so I changed my clothes, grabbed my bag and prepared to set out, but there was a problem. It was raining cats and dogs. I picked up my phone and dialled Bussy to inform her I would wait for the rain to subside a bit. It finally did by 1:02pm.

We met at Her sister’s shop, shared some jokes and set out a few minutes later.

At Dominos, we played a trump card game I brought along (the game is called “THE CITY OF LAGOS”), while we waited for the pizza to get prepared. Bussy kept on cheating at the game but I let her win cause that’s what the more experienced person should do right? 😉

Pizza was eventually ready Fifteen minutes later after which we ate, gossiped about strangers and exchanged stories to catch up with each other.

By 2:45pm we were at the BRT station to take a bus to Yaba where we should find a bookstore that sells the particular book she needs.

At approximately 3:30pm, we were at Yaba. The bus ride seemed shorter than usual, maybe because we couldn’t stop discussing on every topic possible. There’s hardly anything you can think of that we didn’t talk about, in fact, the passengers sitting at our front were duly entertained. This I know by how they kept stealing glances at us at intervals.

At Yaba, we covered virtually all the bookstores and didn’t find the book Bussy came looking for. The vendors claimed they have never even heard the authors name before. This was the most tedious part of the day cause we didn’t know when to stop, or even if we should because the book is actually online, so we kept on being hopeful.

We combed Yaba, walking from bookstore to bookstore for almost two hours before concluding that we were searching for a needle in a haystack. We decided it was time to go back home.

We found our way to the BRT station at Yaba after asking a few strangers for direction.

The ride back home was supposed to be more hectic due to the traffic but instead it was more fun cause we had more time to talk. Just like the journey to, the fellow passengers on the journey fro kept staring at us too. They probably have never witnessed two people who would never run out of gist.

We finally arrived at our destination, which was Ikorodu, by some minutes past seven. I knew preemptively that it’s only imperative to walk Bussy to her house from the park cause streets are not safe by this time. She returned the favour by ensuring I was on a bike home before turning her back in goodbyes.

I had mad fun today, not just because I met with a good old friend unprepared, but because we both haven’t changed much – at least towards ourselves and each other – since the last time we were together some years ago.

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